More Soon - Meanwhile some ideas for book titles.

Subterfuge. Be Cool. Stay in School. At the Edge of Empathy. Manifest Breakfast. Pizza Factory Overload. Social Presence, presently offering presents. I'm Your Friend, Momentarily, Possibly Forever. Funny Bois. Chicken Chat. The Anti-Aesthetic. The Beach is Calling. My Life, My Trails. Kombucha Dissonance. I'm Sorry, Its Just a Small Ghost. You're Dillenger right? Remember Death. Stoic Wide Stance. Smoking Ampersands. Ramen, So Hot Right Now. Ramen, not as hot right now. Perks & Dregs. The Magnificent Chancellor of Gnar. Chance Sale. Spaceship Mode. In it for the Bueys. Metric Wolf. Chimmea Dinner Roast. Modelo Especial. Mental Arbitrage.