an aesthetic engineering company

Specializing in branding, print,
web and mobile.

Future Invisible is the strategy, design and product development work of Elias Crouch.

I studied Graphic Communication and Art at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received my MFA from California College of the Arts, in San Francisco where I live with my lovely wife and little kiddo.


ecrouch at futureinvisible dot com
elias at carbonfive dot com


Currently I are not taking on any new work. I am now working with the amazing team over at Carbon Five where we make websites, web and mobile apps for some amazing clients like...

  • Asian Art Museum
  • Cognoa
  • SurfAir
  • Skype
  • Alt School
  • Etc...

Thanks for the interest and feel free to get in touch.


Its been a blast working with all of them

  • Dwell Magazine
  • Headlands Center for the Arts
  • Breezer Mountain Bikes
  • Airstream
  • VonZipper
  • Carbon 5
  • Wham-o
  • De La Paz Coffee
  • NeedFeed
  • 4SP Films
  • Christopher C. Deam

The Vector Trench

Excerpts from the vector life


from clients, schemers and vendors

Talented: check. Strategic: check. Dedicated: check. Uniquely smart: check. In celebration of Headlands Center for the Arts 30th Anniversary, the organization engaged in an organizational rebranding initiative which included the development of a new graphic identity, website and accompanying print materials. We are so lucky to have worked with Elias/FUTUREinvisible! Elias is knowledgeable, extremely creative and thinks both strategically and logistically. Now we have a contemporary timeless new logo, a gorgeous AND easy to maintain website and a clearer way of talking about who we are and what we do. Elias's commitment to his craft, to the integrity of his work and to his clients shows in every step of his process. We are so lucky to have worked with Elias/FUTUREinvisible! (yes, I know I said that already...) -sharon maidenberg, Executive Director, Headlands Center for the Arts

“Elias is a visionary designer who skateboards. People who skateboard understand pop culture more than anybody who claims to. For Elias, this means that he likely knows more about what your project should look like more than you do. We hired him as the first real outside designer to help create our brand (xtracycle). From the beginning, his intuitive understanding of where we were going and his artistic expertise at realizing the details made him one of those resources that you couldn't imagine doing without. He literally created many of the stylistic attributes of our graphics that people still associate with us 7 years later.” -Kipchoge Spencer, Founder, Xtracycle LLC.


quick visuals on where the bricks fall


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